Monday 21 April 2008

Danny's Got Talent!


Did you see Britain's got Talent?

My old friend Pauline, who lives a five minute walk away from me, must really be celebrating! Her son, Danny, who is genuinely a really lovely and pleasant lad, was on the program the other day... just to think I can remember him when he was just a little dot! If you missed it, see them here and here (just keep watching the video!) Danny is the one with the dark hair.. And no... I'm not telling you where they live... well, unless you ask me really nicely!!! lol... but all I will say, is he has a Black VW!

Keep up the good work Dan... see you in round 2!


  1. I watched the show and thought they were fantastic, entertaining and fit!! although a bit to young for me -lol.

  2. I watched the show and think Danny is amazing! Wish him good luck!
    How nicely to I have to ask for his address? Hehe! :D
    Emma xx

  3. hi

    U r so lucky 4 nowing Danny
    how nicly di i ask can i please have Danny Address?

    izzy xoxoxo


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