Wednesday 4 April 2018

Introducing the new member of the family...

Hello all...
I really need to get blogging again as it's something that I really miss. Somewhere to write down what's happening, things I'm doing and the pet life in the household... lol.
So, today, I'd like to introduce you to our new little friend. He is a little Oscar fish. {Otherwise known as Astronotus ocellatus}

At the
 minute, he's been part of the family for a couple of weeks and has settled in really well. The photo doesn't do him justice really as he has some beautiful grey and black mottling and some bright orangey-red spots. He is such a cheeky thing though... spoilt as he won't eat his staple food, but likes his treats. 

He is also a bit stroppy. He loves nothing more than throwing his plants around the tank and doing a bit of redecorating. This is the reason why his name has changed... he's been Percy (the original name). He's also Sergeant Oddball.... Stroppy Sydney.... but generally just 'Gorgeous'. 

He has quite a cute character about him... and I can't wait for him to grow up a little to see that character come out more. 


  1. He is gorgeous Jo!!!! How is he doing now??? finally settled in? Any other tank mates? Love n hugz Sis xoxo

    1. Lol no... he would eat them. They prefer to be on their own xxx

  2. PS....i've read all your blogs since Day one....not always successful putting a comment mind you to let you know i'm here but found a recent trick to do it now xoxoxo oodles of love n hugz to you and the whole family xoxo


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