Friday 6 May 2016

Colour it up....

Morning all. 

Oh what a few weeks it's been here in the House of A. We've been busy in the garden - redressing (another word for getting a grip on the wilderness!!), adding a wildlife pond for our little friendly visiting frog and it's frogspawn,  snail hunting in the greenhouse to stop the little blighters eating all my dahlia seedlings... now, I love snails as they are so cute, but not in the greenhouse when trying to grow pretty flowers, so evicted into the garden they went! We've also had a fantastic walking week up in the Lake District which was much needed chill time (photos to follow in another blog post) and finally, back to work over the Bank Holiday weekend, bereavements in our pet family and sample making!

So, whilst sat having a cuppa this morning, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) and do this little blog post with my card. This is my favourite one from the Panel shows this past week, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I love getting my Nuvo pens out and doing a spot of colouring in, and I really think I need to allocate myself a day of colouring once a week to satisfy my creativity. Haha. What do you think?!

Anyways, for this card, I decided I wanted to cut the beautiful Floral Blooms Patterned Panels die to look like a peel off and add some colour behind it. So, I opted to use a chocolate brown base card and layer it up with blue tones. The 'peel off' effect lace from the panel was also from the chocolate brown card. 

Here's a quick how to - 
  1. Cut the following for your card. For the top layer, cut a piece of blue card to 12cm x 15cm and cut your aperture centrally into the front. Add pricking detail around the outside edge if you desire. 
  2. For the 'peel off ' layer, cut a piece of chocolate brown card to 12.5cm x 15.5cm and place your blue card from step 1 over the top. Place your panel die into the centre of the aperture. Remove the blue layer and stick your patterned die in place. Run through the machine to cut the pattern, turning around and cutting again if necessary. 
  3. Glue a 12cm x 15cm piece of white cardstock to the back of the patterned cut from step 2 and add your colours as you like. You can choose to colour with Nuvo pens as I did, or opt for Nuvo glitters or painting with watercolours, nuvo drops or just leave plain or paper piece... the choices are endless!
  4. Make a base card by scoring an A4 chocolate cardstock in half and trimming the edges to make a 15cm x 18cm card. 
  5. Cut  a second blue layer to 13.5cm x 16.5cm and attach this onto your base card. Glue your coloured panel to the centre of this panel. 
  6. Add foam pads to the underneath of the aperture blue panel from step 1 and layer this up onto your card ensuring the border is nice and even. 
I finished my card off with a Tonic bow made with Large Dainty Bow set, but you can leave it off if you decide to. It would look equally as nice plain, or with a sentiment in the centre.

You can also see that I added some Nuvo glitter drops to the petals of the flowers and also some of the turquoise Nuvo drops to the centres of the flowers to add dimension. 

I will add a shopping list to the bottom of the post should you need it, complete with product numbers too. 

Well..... that's all for now folks, but I will be back later to do another blog post for you all... but I now need to go do some work, make another cuppa.... I'm sure you get the picture. **wink**

Until then....!


Tonic Patterned Panels Floral Blooms - 1332E
Tonic Large Dainty Bows set - 594E
Tonic Studios Nuvo Crystal Drop - Neptune Turquoise 661N
Tonic Nuvo pen collection - Sunshine Yellows 312N
Tonic Nuvo pen collection - Woodland Greens - 313N
Tonic Nuvo pen collection - Marina Blues - 314N
Tonic Nuvo pen collection - Rosy Pinks - 316N

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