Thursday 23 April 2015

On a jolly.......

 Hi everyone....
I'm back after a busy week or so to share a little post with you all....
This week has seen me over in Belfast, but unfortunately not much scenery photographs to take there, but here in Shepton Mallet is a different matter!
Somerset is a beautiful county, full of interesting things to see, least of all the wonder that is the Cheddar Gorge. I visited it many years ago and decided as we were so near to it at the Showground here, I would have a little girly road trip with Sharon, my Tonic Workshop buddie, to revisit and grab a bite to eat.
You can see from the pictures just how beautiful it is.... simply stunning. What a view! They seem to grow up into the air for miles. It is just breathtaking!
We drove upto the top of the Gorge, then turned round and drove back down. We drove slowly, stopping on the way down in the parking areas to grab a few pictures as we went. And to talk to the little sheep... it was important to talk to the sheep!

Isn't it amazing? And the best bit?? There was a little pub / restaurant at the bottom of the Gorge that sells wonderful food... so evening meal was sorted too.
I then put the postcode to our accommodation back into the sat nav, and it took us back up the Gorge and through the little lanes back to Wincanton, which is near where are stopping.... **happy sigh** 
That's all for now..... I will be back tomorrow with a little project for you from this weeks Craftinator shows... hope you've been watching to see the dies in action. There are so many possibilities with them.
Until then..... happy Crafting! xxxx

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