Thursday 7 March 2013

Wednesday 196... WOYWW

I haven't joined in with this for a while, but tonight I thought I'd show my workdesk... **sorry to all those tidy folks out there... ** but this is work in progress for the weekend. lol. Well, it's very true! I mean, I know I'm not the tidiest of crafters when I'm home.. but still... 

So - to what do I owe the honour of photographing and blogging my desk? Well, it's the WOYWW... What's on your workdesk? Wednesday.. and people from all over congregate on Julia's blog HERE to celebrate whatever is on their desks on a Wednesday! And here's mine ...... 

Firstly, you can see that I have a clear mat!! This was taken before I started work again this evening, and on the mat is my To Do list of what needs doing. To the left of it is a large piece of yellow paper.. well, this is my agenda for the couple of days I'm in Docrafts Land next week. So, is the yellow paper significant? Well, heck yes... it means it's bright enough that I won't lose it amongst all the other stuff on my desk! lol.

The bits scattered on the plastic pen tubs at the back of my desk is work in progress for Friday.

So, onto my next photograph, and this is to the left side of my desk.

Not really too much to report on this one... just the usual wall mounted stamp storage, the racking for my ribbon, and my desk spinner in white! A great little investment from Peterborough on one of the last times I was down there. Looking at this, I think I seriously need a craft fairy to come and help me tidy/organise/declutter!

Last but not least is the right of my desk.. You can see on the wall there is my white board, which has around 2 weeks of planning on .. I date everything, complete with days (because I'm useless with matching these up!!) and I write the dates I need to do things by, and drop everything else in around it, with enough time to complete the given task. Well. That's the planning done. Now just to tackle the procrastination!! Only kidding. I must say, that doing my planning this way gives me a clear picture of projects that need doing and the timescale I have. It's one way I've found to keep focused. As much as I love my filofax, and use it every day, there just isn't enough room on my desk to put it so I can see it! 

The large guillotine is sat on my printer, which is sat on a chest of drawers. The filing cabinet holds all my personal post, and on top is a cupcake stand full of quirky little things, keepsakes, printer inks and other bits.   And can you see my little blue and white dragon? That was given to me by my friend Tracey, as a get well gift when I had my op two years ago. A very treasured little thing there.. Hanging on my filing cabinet at the side is again, a little collection of trinkets. Keyrings given to me by my daughter, little presents from here, there and everywhere just hung with the magnetic monkey. Just little things that make me smile..

I hope you've had a good look round, sorry about the quality of the photos.. they were off my mobile.

Until next time, happy crafting!! Now go... shoo... get me a picture of your desk ... yes, I'm just plain nosey! lol.


  1. lmao....well took some pics of my one crafty space dedicated to my ceramics and all Girl Guiding thinks you are very tidy n neat next to mine! A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind right? Will learn how to post the pic off my celly soon and you'll even catch a glimpse of my garden fairy i'm working on....if you're lookin to purge know my address! I am always looking for peoples scrapbooking/cardmaking cast offs for our Girl Guides! Well my luvly sis, tata for now and Happy Crafting!!! xoxo Lesley

  2. Lots of lovely crafty Treasures, love your ribbon stock
    Happy WOYWW Heather #59

  3. I think your craft room looks fine :-) Im soooooooo jealous of all your lovely crafty bits, I could have soooo much fun lol xxxxx

  4. Glad to see someone else with a To Do list, I can't function without mine lol. I also see you use the radiator like I do - as storage. Loved looking at all the bits and pieces you have around you. Thanks for sharing your creative space.
    Hope you had a happy WOYWW
    hugs {brenda} x0x #90


  5. OH I DARE NOT ..
    But looking at your desk ..well I feel so much better.I still believe that I am not messy just really creative .Any way I bet that you are like me know where everything is ..and thats all that matters.Love your post .

  6. Id be a very happy crafter if i had all them lovely things to play with!, no matter how disorganised it looks, people do say there's no such thing as a tidy crafter "apparently", lol... thanks for showing us round ur craft room. x


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