Thursday 28 February 2013

Nearly Easter choccie time...

Morning all... well, after a sod of a day yesterday with one thing or another, I decided to go into my Craft room and chill doing a little bit of what I love bestest. Colouring in. And here's what I managed to make... 

Sometimes, don't you just have those days where your inner feelings nag away and overthinking takes priority? Well, yesterday was one of those days... all my cards and projects were rubbish, I hated everything I created, and other feelings that were buzzing around my head. So last night was the last straw really, and I thought 'chuff it' and decided to create a little bit of something just for me.

I'm sure it's just the creative mind to be honest, as most crafters I speak to have little confidence in their work from time to time. Pair this up with anxiety and it makes the perfect combination for feeling out of sorts!

So... my little colouring expedition used pencils, just back to colouring, blending and having a little fun... and this little cutie was born... I did look round my pile of print outs for something to colour, and as I have a range of these beautiful Besties printed out, it just had to be one of those didn't it... lol.

I went with a very simple colour palette of blues and pinks - two of my favourites - and as you can see, added some irridescent glitter glue to the frill of the dress.

You see my doily? OH HOW I LOVE MY DOILY!!!! This is the reject section from my Xcut doily die and guess what... it's just a j-cloth wipe...

I tend to use a dry baby wipe or j-cloth to help cut out my intricate dies, and this was a remnant of the said piece after my demo last weekend. So I decided to add it to my card as the base was a blue colour. I inked it up with Chocolate Artiste inks and plonked it behind my layer.

The papers are from the digital downloads on the Creativity Club. Have you checked them out?? Blimey, there are some right beauties on there and this one with the flowers, hearts and plainer background work perfectly with this image.

Well... that's all I have for you today.. more tomorrow - and something that I'm pretty sure you're going to love...!

Until then... happy Crafting everyone!


  1. Hey Jo, I get what u say and definitely shutting things out for a while and letting ur brain 'calm' is a must. I did some painting other nite for first time in ages and had forgotten how soothing it can be. This one is a beauty so the colour therapy obviously worked. Take care hun xx

  2. Loving your work again ,Jo. I understand where you're coming from, Jo cos I have been there and it's an awful place to be. Years ago I was on medication for depression and I felt like a zombie. Now i am a lot older & wiser and I have discovered crafting so when i start to feel fed up .... off I go to my crafting cave and lose myself for a couple of hours and the horrors disappear xxx chin up, dear Jo you are very talented and a lot of peeps love you out here xx

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card Jo.... So pretty!!!


  4. Oh soooo BEEN THERE DONE THAT Jo!!! We are our own worst critic aren't we?? I do it all the time with my ceramics too. But i must say the colours you did are just lovely!!! LOVE those eyes and the green bunny hood is just the perfect pop of colour!!! Hope makin this adorable card got you out of your funk!!! Crafting can be therapeutic!!! Enjoy the ME time!!! Love ya Sis oxoxo


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