Tuesday 29 January 2013

Something a little pressing....

Evening all!

Another late one from me, as I've been busy creating in the Craft Room - something to show you in a few days when it's finished me thinks.. but it's looking mighty cute tonight!!!

How've you all been? This weekend has been a busy one for me - I was demoing at the Range in Rotherham on Saturday, lots of snow around after the downpouring on Friday night, and hence not alot of folks wanting to venture out. Can't say I blame them - it was bloomin' freezing!!!!

Sunday was a better day, after the rain on Saturday evening, as it had washed most of the snow away so it was a good drive to Peterborough for Create and Craft. I was showing the XCut Build a scene dies on the Tool Shed... my oh my, I love these dies.. and I promise I will be back with photos tomorrow. They are on my camera (yes! I took them with the actual camera because *I think* they are wonderful!)

Today, I've had a lovely day with the hubby.. doing usual boring stuff like shopping. I even got creative in the kitchen too and made a rather scrumptious chicken, ham and leek pie!!! Hairy bikers eat your heart out!

So onto tonight, and other than creating my little (or not so little!) masterpiece which needs finishing off and dressing up tomorrow. That's going to have to be a post for later in the week. So, I'm afraid, it's just a little card firstly.... 

 This was one that I had on Create and craft when we had the Pick of the Week. We had some wonderful embossing folders and stamps on the show, and with this one I decided to do a little bit of a distressed letterpress technique.

Now, I'm not a grungy sort of crafter, but loved the old feel this had to it.
To do this effect, just ink up the inside of the embossing folder, place your card inside and run it through the machine. It gives you a totally different look to the folder. When I had finished the embossing, I just ran an ink pad lightly over the top to shade the letters in a different colour.

 Lovely eh?

The topper for the card was done using the Botanical urban stamps - another of my favourites...

This second project for today features a layout I did on the Digital Designer using the Birdsong DVD. Love that disc!! And I can see me keep using it for many things. It's just soooo pretty and the colours in there are fab.

This layout was done using the buntings, and overlay, papers and photos.
Here's the texture on the photo... my daughter took the picture in Kent, and I thought it would look lovely as a canvas, so I went into the overlay section on the program and pulled one over. It completely changes the look of it from a flat style photograph.

 This corner was one of the ready made decorations on the disk. Don't forget if you're wanting a ready made scrapbook layout to drop your photos into, you can do this digitally too using the Ploppers section. There are a few to choose from!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these samples that I've been sharing from the Birdsong DVD. Tomorrow, I want to share some inspiration using the new XCut dies. So until then...

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Jo, just loading on my disks now, they came today, will be spending the next few hours looking through them x

  2. lovely Jo and keep up the grunge, looks fab!

  3. Hi Jo

    Loving what you have done with your embossing folders. Great finished look.

    Gosh you must travel some miles in a month. You always seem to be driving here there and everywhere!!! You are a braver driver than I am that's for sure.

    Have a good week.

    Love Jules xx


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