Thursday 17 January 2013

balloon's away....

Hi de Hi.... How are we all?

Urgh... isn't it cold this last couple of days? I'm sat here in bed, wrapped up in my duvet, complete with fluffy pyjamas and thermal socks and the electric blanket and heating on, and I'm still cold!!!! 

I'm sure I'll warm up at some point, although yesterday I had a little adventure in the snow! I took my furbabies for their daily walkies and little Truly - the Ginger Whinger - decided she wasn't going to sit in the back of the car and wait for her lead, she was going to take herself-a-venturing! 

Now, those who know my little collection of woofers, would know that Scooby and Holly - perfect off the lead (they probably don't even know what a lead is for!) but Truly, well, she can be a little bit of a tearaway. 
Here she is looking like a rogue that she is - waiting to have her tummy-rubbles. 

She is going blind - albeit she is only 6 - but her degenerative eye condition isn't helping her.. so when she gets off the lead she just runs... and runs.... and runs..... and runs. Get the picture?? In fact, the only time that she comes back to me (yes, she suffers from selective hearing and ignorance too!) is when she feels like it. I remember being sat up in our local woods for near on three hours until she decided to return - all the time, poor Scooby thinking his throat had been cut as he'd not had his dinner, and little Hollypops wondering what all the waiting around was for!

Anyway, I digress. My adventure. Yes, Truly decided to help herself out of the car and leg it down the park! My heart went in my stomach as I thought "here we go... another three hour stint" but alas, she was running, then came back to me. I popped her on her lead and told her she was a good girl, then we walked a while before I went with my heart and let her off her lead again, just to try her. And she legged it! Again! Ratbags!

She wasn't too bad until she got a whiff of something and off she went, out of sight, running down the path.. I was getting frantic, trying to sound calm and positive... I put the other two in the car and went on a Truly search. But no longer had I took a step back onto the park, than she came running up to me, looking around for Scoobs and Holly, and sat near my feet. What a good girl! I'm so proud of her for being good and coming back to me, but my heart sinks when she isn't on the lead as she is a bit of a worrier and she is easily panicked if she can't see the other two. 

We eventually got home and I set to work creating lots of loveliness for Friday's Pick of the Week on Create and Craft. I can't show you any samples yet, that would just be unfair, but I will show you this lovely creation. 

When I saw the hot air balloon, I thought it was going to be a bit difficult to put with my more prettier collections (!) but I decided to colour it in, layer it up as it was designed and place it with my spots and stripes. I know it's quite simple but I like this style of card. It's just 'me'.

I was going to share it with you yesterday, but with one thing or another, by the time my body hit the bed, and I picked up the laptop, my eyes were plaiting and I couldn't focus. I was soooo tired. Surely it's the weather isn't it??

Well, I hope you all get inspired looking at all the sumptuous projects using the lovely Chronology range. Remember, it isn't just masculine - you can make it look girly and pretty too!

If you use it, I'd love for you to leave a comment or two so I can nip over to leave you some blog lovin' too!

until next time - Happy Crafting!


  1. I can so relate to your dog story Jo!

    1. Funny little things aren't they Lynne... lol... wouldn't swap her for the world though - she came to us with a range of issues, and not coming back when called was one of them. As was the eyes. lol.

  2. Hi Jo, love the balloon card and the cards you have made over the last week on C&C have been fabulous, love watching you, you are so inspiring.

    Just looking at your post and I see a picture of one your doggies, is she a Cocker Spaniel? We have a Golden Cocker (Maisie) and she has the same eye disease, we took her on when she was three, she is nearly 5 now, she costs us a small fortune at the vets, she has Optimmune twice a day and artificial tears every one to two hours. Maisie is also wheat intolerant so she is on a raw food that contains purely meat and vegetables, we buy it frozen from our local pet shop. Maisie has come on leaps and bounds since being on this food, her eyes have improved slightly though the vet won't say it's down to her diet. We love her to bits, she has such an amazing character but totally rules this household :)
    Dawn x


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