Tuesday 25 October 2011

What a week!

I thought I'd just post a brief update before I shoot off to Bath to do some filming for Docrafts today, although to be honest, there's not really much to tell!

I've been busy shooting off to the Hallamshire in Sheffield almost every day to visit my daughter who has been in there for almost over a week. Saying that, she was sent home on Sunday for the day, but needed to be back on Monday morning at 9 o'clock sharp.. lol.

We still don't have a definate diagnosis to what is happening, but hopefully after further testing this week, we should be a bit clearer to what's going on.

It's been such a tough few weeks - well, since the beginning of September when this all started - and to be honest, I don't often write about personal things on my blog anymore (mainly for private reasons) but I just needed to let you  - my trusty blog followers - know what's happening, so when I don't post for a period of time, it's because I'm busy with 'stuff' rather than just not having anything to show you.

The problems my daughter has, have been there since the beginning of September, and it's now the end of October and we are not really any nearer finding out what's happening than we were then. The diagnosis we were given a few weeks ago is now in doubt, and they are testing for rarer and rarer things.. But I'm sure we'll get there in the end.

So.. today, I'm off to Bath until tomorrow, and I have some very lovely projects to film for the Creativity TV members over at Docrafts. You know... I love my job!! I get to work with some fab product, alongside a group of very talented people at Docrafts, and get to play and get messy! What more could anyone ask for?!

But before I set off, I have the job of making some invitations, hospital appointments, shopping and dog sorting! Poor old Scoobs.... he now has a collar/bucket on his head as his foot has now healed, but the dressing has reacted with his footsie and it's got inflamed, sore and weepy.. poor little sod.. he's feeling so sorry for himself.

Still... that's life - and if it's not throwing one thing at us, it's a bucket load all at once.. Haha. So, I'll leave you all today with a bouquet of flowers (picture off the web) and wish my darling beautiful daughter a speedy recovery... we want you home, safe and well. Get well soon!

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  1. Goodness hun, you have a lot on your place at the moment, firstly hope the filming goes really well and secondly I do hope your Daughter recovers very soon and they get to the bottom of what's wrong. Big hugs, take care, Claire x


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