Sunday 9 October 2011

A weekend of work

It's been a very busy weekend with demo's on both days.

Yesterday, Saturday, I was over at Samuel Taylor's in Leeds, working on behalf of Docrafts for their Big Demo Day.. it was great - Sheena Douglas, Clare Rowlands, Nikky Hall and more were there, and it was lovely to chat and be part of it.

I also had a fab group of ladies who kept popping back to see me and ask me things, which is really lovely, and I loved sharing all my ideas and thoughts with you all!

Today, I was back at the Range in Rotherham.. a great store for a crafter.. and what a shock I got when one of the girls from the Doncaster store walked over. She has had a bit of a promotion, and is now permanently at Rotherham.. quite sad that I won't see her in Doncaster anymore, but it's lovely to know that work is going great for her.

The folks over at Rotherham were a great group too - and there were familiar faces from yesterday too! Too much spending going on there me thinks! lol.

Well.. That's all my news from this weekend - I will be back with some projects soon I promise. I haven't had the chance to take any photos of what I've been making, but I will this week!!

Take care everyone - Happy Crafting!!

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