Monday 28 February 2011

Just checking in..

By 'eck, doesn't time go quickly? I can't believe tomorrow will be the 1st of March!

It really doesn't seem that long since I was on here putting up my last blog post, but here I am again, with nothing to show and only a catch up email. (more for my Sister In Law than anyone else.. hi Tilly!)

I've got lots of work on this week - it's the start of my demo loop again, so this Saturday I'll be down in Derby again touting my wares!!! (oooo-errrr!)

I've also got a big commission to do for the magasine, which needs to be returned on Friday, so guess what I'll be doing this week? Yep.. you guessed it... crafting.. lol. I've just had a nice quiet weekend really, so I suppose I really need to play catch up. Yesterday was nice as Carley came home for a while. It's always lovely to see her, and Scooby absolutely loves to see his buddy.. he misses her I'm sure.

However, I did spend a few hours on Friday working  with my new Docrafts Kit (ooooh it's luvverly!!!) and came up with one project - it took alot of working out I can tell you, but we got there in the end.

So.. onwards and upwards - whatever you're upto this week, have a good one.. and I'll try to get back on tomorrow to upload a card or two.

Take care. xx

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