Saturday 19 February 2011

A box of butterflies

Exploding boxes are something that I find so pretty. And I think I don't make them often enough. However, this is one that I made a couple of weeks ago -

(original idea from

When it opens up, it looks like this -


There are a range of things used in this card/box.. Stamping and embossing, then brayering over the top has created the panels around the inside and outside of the card, and then acetate and Docrafts dimensional butterflies form the decoration in the centre.

See - I told you I could do bright... lol.

The card was given to Martina's place of 'work experience' when she left. She wanted it to say Thank You for having her. How thoughtful eh?! And she bought them chocolates... now where's mine!?!


  1. HELLOOOOO my loverly Sis!!!!!!!!
    You'll notice in your Live Traffic Feed i'm g8keeper and i have the Survivor show symbol up...but its truly me ok?
    Hope you get this to see i love your Blog and i LOVE the butterfly box too!!!! Its so pretty!!! Now, when can i catch you online for a cuppa and a chat eh???
    xoxoxo oodles of love, Lesley

  2. Breathtaking, Jo! You are so talented!

  3. Hello Jo....ok so now i'm a little confuzzled as i'm not in your live traffic feed now...don't know why or how but i can still send you comments here anonymously i guess! Sorry i missed u online yesterday!
    LOVE YA Sis xoxoxoxo
    oodles of hugz n love, Wilma


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