Sunday 12 December 2010

Who's the fourth??? ... and something new.

Oh Corrie!!! Help me out!!

Wasn't it good this week with the 50th anniversary of Corrie? Wow.. can't believe it's been going that long.. I can remember sitting watching Fred Gee, Betty and Bet ending up in the lake, and good old Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner. They definatley don't make them like that anymore do they?

But then on friday, I was sat wondering from then until now, who was the fourth?? Four Funerals and a Wedding.. there was the wedding, and there was Molly, Ashley and Charlotte who departed .. but who was the fourth?

And that lovely U2 piece of music at the end.. what a great piece - which is where my 'Something New' comes in.

I often visit other's blogs, people I have known in Blogland for quite a while, and when I saw Marcea's this weekend, I just had to join in and nominate my U2 song for Song of the Week.

So, without further ado... here it is, I'll share it with you today before I go. I'm going to put up some more cards from tomorrow, so check back soon.

Until then... enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome song! I love it! THis video brings back memories of going to their concerts. TFS!


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