Monday 6 December 2010

It's up!

Are you all thawed out?

We've had a grand total of around 16 inches of snow here I'm sure (although I didn't measure it.. it was too damn cold!) and I feel like I've shovelled even more of it - although I didn't even try to dig my car out.. lol.

Over this weekend, we have started to thaw a little, and hopefully by this weekend it will be mostly gone and snow-free. It's freezing cold today though, very frosty and icy, and I think we still have around 6 inches of snow (mm... more ice!) around in places.

So on Friday, mainly because it was snowing and I was feeling all christmassy, I decided to pull the tree from the loft, dust it off and put it up. Martina was blessed (!) with a few days off school as the village basically came to a stand still, so she helped to put the baubles on the tree and I must say, it looks rather nice!!

I was supposed to have been doing a Christmas Fayre on Friday too, but it was cancelled due to the weather, so it gave me a nice relaxing Friday evening.

I did take a couple of photos of the tree, in a whirlygiggy, fuzzy sorta style.. I hope you like 'em.. Christmas is just the perfect time to play with the camera.


See the Star?? That was my first star given to me by my SU mummy, Monica. Lovely, Sparkly and very Gold.




... and random patterns.

I have also spent the last few days making Christmas cards, so will be back to share those over the next few days.

Have fun.. stay warm... and keep safe.

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  1. Hi JO.....ooooooooooooohhhh pretty!!!!! We finally got our tree up too now...took me a week to decorate the damn thing whilst i kept Taz outta the tree! bloody furball he is! Hasn't climbed it in 2 years until now! grrrr
    No one likes to help me decorate the tree once the boys put the lights on it...sigh, guess i'm too picky sometimes. But Scott will help me finish grudgingly with the garland which nobody likes but me! I just think it finishes it don't u??? Lovely piccies u took...i'll have to try to give it a go myself...did you use a special lense???
    Love n Merry Christmas to you all xoxoxoxoxox Les


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