Saturday 8 May 2010

Where's the week gone?

I can't believe that today is already Saturday.. time is just flying past. And what an exciting week we've had too. What with elections and who to vote for, life has never been so exciting!! (notice the excitement here.... not!)

When I went down to the polling booth I took my papers, looked at the list and there was an entry for the party of 'Citizens for the Undead Rights and Equality... what's all that about?(she says in a very Sheeeeeela voice! lol) Never heard of them... so I placed my cross in my chosen box? Well.. did I go white, yellow, red, blue or something else with giant spots on?

I'm not going to reveal, but today we've got pink and furry......


These papers are just sweet aren't they? And they complemented the image really well. I just love the Messy Rabbits and have quite a few now - but this one is my favouritest favourite of them all. She is just so cute.


I coloured her with Whispers pens and added a tad of water to blend the shading a little. I have also blobbed a bit of stickles around the edges of her petticoat to add a bit of bling.

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