Tuesday 11 May 2010


.... that's a confudlicated sort of mmmm... not a tasty mmmm...

So. Government. All change. Not that I like to talk politics on my blog, but ... Conservatives? I really didn't vote for Clegg to get a Conservative Government. Did you?

Oh. Dear. Me! I really think that the only way is down!

Now... what can we sell off first to get a few reddies?? (or do you think he'll wait a few years before he can find something??) Thank heavens I have still another 8 years on my fixed rate!

Anyway. I'm feeling a bit tired today, so I think a lovely early night is very much in order - cuddled up with my luvverly hubby and three spaniels - what could be more like bliss if I tried?

The show yesterday went well. I was with Joanne, so it turned into the Jo Show.. which was quite funny really. She's really lovely, and her eyes are so enchanting. The demo's left me a little confused, as we had gone through them in the morning when I arrived and everything was fine, but then I found myself being asked to do demo's that I hadn't prepped for, mixing this with that, and using promarkers? Well. I hadn't taken my promarkers! Never the mind though, the lovely floor guy (magic hands!) was there to assist and I did what was asked. Phew! I think it worked! lol. Then Monday evening we had our monthly Stampin' Up meeting over in Bullcroft Memorial Hall. Perfect end to a perfect day.

By the way, talking of promarkers, I am one happy lickle bunny today. I recieved my replacement Letrajet, so there should be more cards coming soon. I may even do you a little tutorial on how to use one as there isn't one out in the web I don't think - they all tend to be copics.

Ahhhhh.. copics!! **Sigh** I went out on Friday with the girls. Did I tell you?? We went over to Pontefract to see a lovely lady called Rachel, who was doing a copic class. I'd seen it advertised when I was looking for something else, so rang Rachel and she booked us a class to ourselves. There was Sheila, Sandra, Chris and a lady called Alison who came to join us. We had a fab day, full of fun, laughter, handmade pizza and the most tasty coleslaw you've ever tasted! Mind you, with the gluten I was suffering for a while after!

Saturday I was out demoing at the Range in Doncaster where alot of my regular ladies came along to say Hi. It was lovely to see each and every one of you, and I promise I'll upload my photos from the demo as soon as possible.

Sunday was a relatively quiet day, just sat making samples (again, I'll upload when I can) and watching the F1 with hubby. What an interesting race. Poor Lewis, what a bummer that was.

Monday, I've covered, and today. Well, today I've been searching the net for insurance. My house insurance and car insurances for me and Paul are due for renewal, so I did a bit of research as the increases were bloody ridiculous. House (up £11 per month!), Cars (mine up £7 per month, Paul's up £4 per month). And then we got to the Electric and Gas. Our bills increased to a daft amount in February, so I did my comparison (first time ever!) and I've now saved ourselves nearly £20 per month on the house, £9 combined on the car and a total of around £50 a month on the gas and electric.

Go on, price compare.. I dare ya!

Right. That's me off for now, I'll be back as soon as I can be with a few carsd for you. I've got some more samples to make for my demo in Derby this weekend, so I'll have plenty to upload.

Toodles for now. xx

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