Friday 12 February 2010

Happy Valentines!

Awwww, isn't it so nice this time of year? Everyone's talking Valentine's day... all lovey-dovey!

Now take a look at my lickle Valentine...

Now isn't this the cutest lovey you could wake up to? lol. This morning, I was up early for a doctors appointment and to get stuck into making some samples for Monday, and Scoobs decided he was coming up to sleep on the bed.. only he quickly took daddy's place as he wasn't in - head on pillow and cuddling his mummy. Ahh, sweet! Scoobs I love you too! The pic was taken on the mobile, so the quality isn't great.

The doctors appointment went well. I was having a little op to have a little lump taken off my chest. It's been there for a while now, and after three weeks of visiting the doctor twice a week to get it cauterised to get rid of it, the only thing it did was to make it bigger. It ended up looking like a little mushroom! So. Choice was to keep going with the cauterising, or have an op to get it off.. so I opted for the op. It's healed up lovely and looks alot better now!

Anyway, Valentine week for me started on Thursday when I went to help Sheila at her Craft Class. There was a lady there who asked me to help her out with a Valentine card for her new Fiance. She bought a magasine with her, and all the papers and images came from that. I must say, there are pretty lush! Not that I'm a green person myself, but these are great!


This is the card that we made..

And this is one happy lady!


Today, other than making samples for Create and Craft, I made this Valentine card for Carley for her boyfriend.

The idea came from a swap I recieved from THIS lady, Siobhan, who I had done a Love card swap with.


The colours are awful.. they were taken quickly on the mobile - I'll take a proper photo before it goes off to its new home.

Two other quick photos that were snapped today are these ones below. My other two little furbabies.

Here's Holly looking really sweet.

She has got the most appealing eyes a dog could have. Honestly, butter wouldn't melt! lol.

And here's Truly looking really cute too. She's usually quite hyper, but just before 'wakey-up' time she's actually really slow to wake up. Active time starts about half past ten, then it's Force 21 all the way!

She is a sweetie though. Today she's not a happy bunny because she's had her ears combed! Just one of her pet hates. lol

Well, that's all for now.. more tomorrow.

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