Sunday 12 April 2009

Britain's got talent.. again..

Well.. I sat and watched BGT this afternoon as we were a bit busy last night. Now, I am not too much of a tele-bug, but this program I do love.. last year we had our dear Danny on from along the road, and this year, although there isn't anyone I know on, I can't begin to explain how much I enjoyed this....

Now there's not many things that bring a tear to my eye when I watch anything, but my god, this one certainly did.. and I can't really explain why either! I think it was the passion with which she sang, and also the fact it was sooooo unexpected!

Another of my favourites is this.. Fabia Cerra

What a woman! I'm not just liking it because she had the nerve to do this, but because she had no inhibitions even though she's a cuddly lass! As a bit 'curvy' myself (!!) I still wouldn't have the nerve to do it.. so for all us big lasses the world over.. GO FABIA!!! You were great!

Which acts did you like??

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