Monday 9 June 2008

What a scorcher!

After quite a busy and hot weekend, I thought this morning that I would sit and have a dabble with photoshop..

This is the start photo..

and this is the result..

Apart from dabbling with this, I have been doing some very creative stuff for a VERY lovely person.. but cannot reveal any of this at the moment under any circumstances.. lips are very tightly sealed..

I have also had a demo this weekend up in Rochdale, at the Range.. what a store, what lovely customers and Faye, the fantastic assistant in the craft department, made my day a real hoot.. it was really busy all day.. So, thank you to everybody who made it perfect.

Yesterday was spent putting up some new fencing, and my gazebo from last year. Primarily put up for the puppies to sit under, it was lovely to sit in the shade until gone 10pm last night.. what a smashing, hot, sunburny (!!) day.

I'll be back later with some projects I have been making this last week for my demo's and the loyalty event at Papermill on Thursday.. see you there from 4pm to 8pm??

1 comment:

  1. we are putting up our gazebo today for Kira (Springer) and Callum (boy) to collapse under!


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