Tuesday 11 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy..

Oh I hate weeks like this.. the weather's awful and I just need to get out to my work area to get cracking on some projects... only thing is, with the wind blowing, the puppies are reluctant to come out with me.. they hate the wind.. lol..

So, if I do get lucky and get outside, I need to finish making some samples using the Tandastamps, get some bits finished for Phyllis to take to Ideal World next week, actually get around to finishing (or starting.. lol) my Docrafts samples for this week and stop playing with candles!!! And last but not least, sort out my trolley case for the training day at Trimcraft on Friday...

If I manage to survive all this, and STILL get to the Range, in Doncaster, on Saturday.. feel free to come and see me..

I WILL get around to putting some photos on here sooner or later.. until then....

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