Tuesday 18 March 2008

Aren't I lucky, lucky, lucky....

I've had the most wonderful few days...

On Friday, I was at Trimcraft for the demonstrator training day, and picking up our new kit.. well, part of.. the rest is expected in this next week I'm hoping.. This is what I came home with..

You just have to see them in real life to see just how gorgeous they actually are.. definately for stroking.. not for using!!!! The designs are really lovely, a traditional and a contemporary.. We have the 6x6, 8x8 and the 12x12, sticky ribbons and embellishment tins, stamps, brads etc to follow... Wow... I love my job!!!!

Oh... forgot to add on Thursday, I went off to do a homecheck for NESSR in Scunthorpe, and got a tad distracted on the way home.... I just happened to call into Steven Smith's... and came home with this...

This is the new stash from Docrafts... Basic Grey!!! This pack is the Two scoops.. but because I really have nothing to go with it (!!) I also got the stamps, swirly and hearts, and the two packs of rub ons.. they are so pretty I haven't used them yet...

All this, and the new papers from Docrafts that I used on my demo... they are just wonderful.. the colours are great, (black, olive, pinks, blues, creams) and the designs are fantastic.. I love em... but this pack is my favourite..

And to top it all... I had another 'just over an hour' conversation/chat with my new matey Nikki... what an absolutely wonderful lady, friend, fellow designer she is!!!! I love ya's!

So... that's my news for now.. when I return from the deep, dark, depths of my craft chalet, I will upload some photos of some new cards etc...

Have a great day!


  1. Hey there famous one!
    Loved your cards on the telly!!!!
    (and our net chat too!!! you need to get a web cam so I can laugh at you too!!)

    I love you LA papers - very stroke-able! They look fab...

    I've not seen the BG stuff in real life yet - I take it they meet with your approval!

    Can't wait to see what you do with them.... piccies please!

    Luv ya.
    Nikki x


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