Wednesday 29 August 2007

Oh Lord! I'm famous!

Hi everyone.. long time no write but I have had a very busy weekend! My new job has taken me all over this weekend demonstrating! I've been to Manchester on Saturday (good day but had a bad migraine) and on Sunday I was in Bolton, Lancashire! I survived it and had a very nice bank holiday at home with the family.
I am now catching up with all the work I need to do - I have a couple of bits for the mag's, some designing work for a couple of companies - a big pack of which came today with loads of nice stuff in there, only 20 cards to go in two weeks... that's not many is it?? , a laptop to get in order for the digital photo and craft courses I'm tutoring from September, as well as trying to catch up with some challenge cards on Bex's forum.. I'm getting there with those though.. see next post!
The other exciting thing that's happened is I made it onto the front page of the docrafts website on 'a chat with...'.. Our lovely Sian has done a fantastic job - but sorry about the photo folks! here's the link

So that's more or less me up to date for now.. going to put up my challenge cards now, then I can get on with the rest! LOL...

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