Saturday 18 August 2007

A levels, Chit chat, dogs and Daredevil son!

I thougth I'd better update my blog as I haven't been on here for a while! What with work and stuff things just seem to take over..

Anyway, I'm glad to report that our little Holly (mm.. not quite so little now) is doing fantastic! We did originally have a little problem with her wee wee's lol, which cost me an arm and a leg to sort out, but hey.. she's insured now!
She was 6.4kg a couple of weeks ago when she went for her check up at the vet. We are using Vets for Pets - they're brilliant! They have a set fee of £70 I think it is, called the best start in life or something, and it includes paying for all the injections, microchipping, worming and flea treatments, 10% off spaying too, for the first year. Every time she is due a wormer she goes back for a quick medical assessment, weight check, teeth check etc free. Very good and well worth the money!

She has learnt to say please, sit when told, lie down, and when she goes for walkies, she goes off the lead and comes back when shouted! We also found she isn't too struck on water! For a spaniel, that's a bit wierd but she does like a paddle and gets her toes wet.. does that count?? She is very contented and probably a bit spoilt, but hey! She's my babe! photos later when I get them off the camera I promise!

What else has happened? mmmm.. we went to buy a new car a few weeks ago. I still have my Hyundai - christmas prezzie off Paul a few years ago, so wouldn't part with it, and also I love it! We have just got rid of the biggie - we had a Rover 416 Tourer, which was a little too big for us now and had done us well with 150,000 miles at least on the clock! Anyway, we've just bought ourselves a 52 plate Citroen C3. I love it! It is a lovely drive, and I don't object to it like I did with the Rover. That was too low for me, as my Hyundai is quite a tall car. The C3 is silver, and with love from DD has now got lovely pink flowery seat covers and mats! Mmmmm.. nice!!!

Now the daredevil son bit! What a brave boy! He had been accepted onto a course to do parachuting, and he went last weekend. Within two days he'd passed the course and done his solo jump out of the aircraft at 3000ft! He said he found it nerve wracking, but awesome at the same time! So well done Leyton! We're proud of you! That was only a few weeks after recieving his silver flying wings for gliding solo. Then on the Thursday he went to get his A Level Results and he'd passed all of them with flying colours too! Well done to him.. only my daughters to get now for her GCSE's this week, but I'm sure she'll have done brilliant too! Leyton's having a couple of weeks rest from all the exciting stuff now, just going to RAF camp at Beckingham with Air Cadets for a week, back for a short time, then going on a Junior Leader's course we think, and then the big Officer Selection week at Cranwell for the RAF.. (nervous mummy .. aaaarggghh!)

Well, that's all my general chit chat up to date.. Oh, I also want to say a big Congratulations to my friend Katy at Docrafts, and her puppy Martha, for qualifying for Crufts next year! You're both brilliant! And to our lovely Emma, also at Docrafts, who got married the other week - Congratulations Mr and Mrs Collins! I can see another scrap book page or two coming.. lol.


  1. Hey Jo thanks for your lovely comment on my you know I thought that about the paper when I had posted and even went to double check but had thrown all the packaging away:( It is scrummy my favs in the pack I made five cards last night with it!!!

  2. Hi Jo! Thanks for the congrats for Martha!


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