Friday 8 February 2013

White on white...

Another late one from me... but I really wanted to share this little card with you before I put my head on the pillow. It's been a busy old night for me, sat in the craft room until 10pm, finishing off a few samples I need for next Monday's shows. And finally, talking to my youngest for the past couple of hours and then to lie in bed and talk to you!

I've had a really lovely couple of days craft wise, not much pressure on at the minute. There is one little thing I need to do this week, but I can't share for now.. 

But back onto yesterday, and I had a really lovely morning making a few cards just for me. Just because I could. And just because I love to play with things I've had in my box for what seems like years, and never opened the packet!!!

This was quite a simple card - I was going to say quick.. but it's anything but! - that I made yesterday. I found the spotty embossed card (I love these!!) in my kit bag, so thought I could put it to good use and keep this card white on white, which is really popular in style these days. 

 As you can see, the little car is all die cut, right down to the thread on the tyres. I just think it's amazing and it cuts so easily on the die cutting machine too. 

The hearts are from Xcut, lovely full, round bodied hearts.. just perfect as a topper for a card, or to create a wonderful range of other things of loveliness!

Well, whatever you're upto today, I hope you enjoy it. 

I'm getting ready and packed for a demo day over at Sophies crafts in Oldham on Saturday. (fingers crossed we won't get snowed in!)

Leave me a link to say what you're creating, and I'll be sure to come across and visit. xx

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