Friday 1 February 2013

Today's another day...

It sure is isn't it... so, after the upsets of yesterday, I've tried to get back on the straight and narrow with work.

I needed to get crafting and make some more samples, check lists of what stock I needed for some upcoming shows, and get my To Do list in order! Well, the latter one never got done really, but at least I kept up with what I needed to do today.

I really can't believe where this year is going! I reckon I'm getting old, and time is just starting to merge into one haha. Tomorrow is February already! Ten months to Christmas and counting..

Tonight, I want to share a little more inspiration with you for the Build a Scene dies. These are so lovely in many ways. You can use them as they are, or you can get creative and only use small sections of the designs. Each creation will be totally different - or they could all be the same. The choice is yours.

With this card below, I have used bits and bobs that I had already got in my craft room - the buttons, the glitter card, the flowers and pearls.. and added them into the card.

I only used the main balloon on this card, and kept it quite neutral, just matching the colours of the card into the balloon. I think it looks really lovely - and the glitter card just sets off the sparkly sky perfectly!

Here are a couple of close ups for you.

The blitters just add that little bit of sparkle to the balloon. This way, you can give it to a female, or just use them to create a softer look to the finished piece.

The pearls just added that little bit of bling that was missing before I added them on.

Now... the balloon die is one of those that is causing people a little controversy. Although, I don't know why really.. but they say it doesn't cut. They say they got exchanges on the faulty dies, they say that they are no good.. and why?? Because they are an intricate die that needs a little encouragement to overcome its shyness.

I am attaching a couple of videos to my blog post here, showing how I cut my dies. If any die sticks, this is what I do... out come the J-cloths and babywipes!! Honestly, baby wipes are such a god send to a crafter!!!

Enjoy the videos... I'm cutting the Hot air balloon die with the Big Shot and the Grand Calibur. I video'd the Big Shot one myself in my craft room, but the GC video is taken from last Sunday's Tool Shed program from Create and Craft. I just wanted to show how they cut on any die cutting machine.

This is the Grand Calibur video  HERE
This is the Big Shot video HERE


  1. looking great Jo - and completely agree. We've got these amazing intricate dies and to get the best you just need to treat them gently :-)

  2. Fab tuts Jo...I have the cuttlebug and use wax paper and they all cut and come out so easy no special shims

  3. Thanks for the BS video, just bought a couple of these dies, so will have a go now.


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