Thursday 21 February 2013

WOYWW - 194

Oh my, oh my, oh my....

I've seen this quite a few times over on Jackie's blog, so thought I'd take part today seeing as I had a few spare minutes to snap a picture!

I must admit... I've lost all track of time this week. Yesterday, I rang Katy at Docrafts thinking Emma wasn't at work, only to find that Emma was in fact at work and it was Tuesday instead of Monday! Derr!! Brain not functioning!

So, today, it is Wednesday ... and here's what is on my desk. Mind you, if you're averse to messy craft areas, then you're probably best not looking!!!

This is the view straight onto my desk.. here you can see I'm in the process of getting 'stuffily creative!'.. I have a little project to make so the stuffing is sat on my part created pattern, complete with pins, scissors and  coffee stirrers for prodding the stuffing in! The hershey kisses are for another little project in the pipeline for next weekend.

This is to the left of my desk, and I have my 'bit' carousel, full of scissors, gems, bling, glues and anything else that I need to lay my hands on in a hurry. Next to that, I have some mirror card, some fuzzy pipecleaners, googly eyes, Me to You papers, and again, bits of patterns..

Oh heck... this is a little embarrassing.. lol. I didn't realise it was quite in as much mess as it is.. lol. Looking at it tonight though, and I must say it's not quite as bad as this!

In the green tub is a collection of glues, all for different projects and different purposes. There's offcuts of cards, baby wipes for cleaning, border punch for, well, punching.. and a labelling machine.

That's my desk today.. what's on yours??


  1. Lots of lovely things to create with x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  2. You have so much to look at and yep it is messy, but I like it. LOL

    Happy WOYWW

  3. Is this your first time at WOYWW? If so...Welcome to WOYWW Jo. Be warned though, it's addictive.
    oh ho, now that is a well loved craft area. Mine only looks like that when I've had too much fun and not enough time (to clean...)
    caroline #168

  4. Always thought a neat n tidy craft desk is the result of a sick mind! I should snap you a pick of mine if i think of it....paints paints and more paints all over...and the ceramic pieces i'm workin on...mind you i am a wee embarrassed it is soooo messy..its moved onto the floor too with scrapbooking stuff! I always have good intentions of tidying up and organizing to work better when i do attempt it...hubby says if i tidied less i might actually get some projects done!!! lol
    love ya and all your crafty desk much stuff to choose from! Happy crafting Luv! xoxo

  5. ps.. someday i'll figure out how to put a pic of me in the blog symbol beside me name so you know its me! lol

  6. It sounds like this is your first visit? Welcome to WOYWWland!! I'm one of those sick-minded neat freaks who clean up after every make, but I love going around the world and seeing all the desks - no judging, just fun to see and meet new friends! You look like an amazingly creative person! I'm late getting around the desks ... slowly, but surely, to as many as I can. Have a great rest of the week! Darnell #48


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