Thursday 14 February 2013

Cameo... cameo... where for art thou cameo....

Yes, I've been having a play this evening. So much so (in between talking with my sister in law and making pancakes!) that I lost all track of time and it was about 10pm before I knew it. So here I am again, laptop on my knee and laid in bed with the woofers, tappy typing you a little blog post. 

It's been a funny old day of all sorts really. A little emotional for one reason or another, but really, a day that's been the 'busy but got nothing done' type of day! A day of snow. A day of cleaning. And a day of trying to tidy up the hovel of a craft room! Most of which got done... I think.. 

I did, however, manage to run up a couple of quick cards this evening... Not sure what's wrong with me recently, but I seem to be in black and white mode!! So what sparked this episode tonight? Well, there's a challenge over at the Shabby Tea Rooms where they were wanting cards based on 'Sweet Silhouettes'. 

So, I thought about it for a while, then the memory of these beautiful Xcut dies came to the forefront of my mind. These are the cameo dies, and I'm ashamed to say, they've never been out of the packet! Until today... 

I decided to go nice, clean and simple on these two cards. By simply embossing the background, you don't really need to add anything else onto the card.

The frame was cut from another Xcut die, and the two side sections came from my box of dies, so not sure who's that one is... I seem to think it's Joy.

As you can see, the little cameos cut out perfectly. The set of dies is a set of 6, so great value for money too! The frame on the card below was made using the cameo's and the frame.

Here is the first card I made this evening. I just sort of sloshed it all together in a hurry, and now don't know whether the red and black AND cream entirely go... but its growing on me!

I opted for just a quick flash of red to bring out the black, and also to stop it from looking too set. And after all, black and red are the most difficult colours to use..

Here's the little frame for the cameo.. isn't it delicate and lovely? And talking about red, black and white, and being delicate, take a quick squizzles at this card too.

This card is one we made at Craft Class last night.. nice, quick and simple. Just using dies and embossing cutting dies and a litle splash of colour again on the poppy.

Well, I hope you enjoy these two quick and easy projects.. I will be back tomorrow with a few more items for you to look at.

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  1. Jo, beautiful, beautiful cards as always :-) my mum has the cameo dies and loves them, I do like the cameo one with the red behind, it goes well together xx


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