Wednesday 6 February 2013

Flying high...

Morning everyone.. 

Sorry I didn't get a chance to upload a card last night for you all, but things went a little chatty.. lol. I had a lovely call with a very lovely lady for an hour or so, and you know, it's nice sometimes to know that you're not alone with how you feel about crafting! 

After the call, I also decided to venture into the big green bag that is holding the Silhouette Cameo I bought a while ago and was too scared to use! I've finally managed to import a graphic and cut it out, I did a name and cut that out, and I've created a little box and an image that will be going on a card later - so watch this space... it's baby steps at the minute, but I'm getting there... another few hours and I'll be running away with it and getting creative!

So, for today, I'm sharing a little card that I had on Create and Craft last week when we had the wonderful Build a Scene dies on.. this one was sooo popular. It's also popular at my demo's too, so much so that they have sold out of this one! 

The background is quite simple, just an inky glittery sky, and then the balloons made the focal point. The hilly background was cut with a pair of scissors with no particular shape... just a little uppy and downy hillys, that's all.

The details on the balloon just finish it off perfectly, and as you can see from these photos, they cut perfectly if you use the baby wipe technique I mentioned the other day. A little bit of inking just sets off the colours too.

Just look at the details on the basket... aren't they lovely? Even the tiny weights that are hanging off the basket. Just perfect! I really love the look of a textured card with these dies too, especially with the inking. I think it just finishes it off perfectly.

A little close up of the clouds on this one... I've inked with a few different colours to create a harsher sky, then glittered them. A little bit of glitz settles my magpie instinct just perfectly. lol.

And if you don't feel daring enough to go the whole hog with these fab dies, then just try something a little more restrained.....

The photo is a little fuzzy, but what I've done is cut out the balloons from black card, then added some white card underneath. I coloured with the Artiste pens to create a highlighted colour.

I hope you like the projects today. If you've been creating with these dies, leave me a note to come over and I'll share your post mine.

Happy Crafting everyone...


  1. Yes this was a brill demo. I had seen the dies in my local craftshop but wasn't inspired. Day after your demos went back and there was just 1 London one left and a couple of the balloon ones.. shows the power of seeing them in use. Shop lady said she had had a run on them that day :) xx

  2. Gorgeous Jo - When I am up and about again I will be buying this die. This broken foot is such a nuisance. I love the colors, they are so vibrant and the die itself is so detailed. Wow Jo. xx

  3. Gorgeous cards Jo, love the hot air balloons xx

  4. These are fab Jo I'm a new follower and I love watching your ideas on tv and now I can see them here too!! huggles hun xxx Sue

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  6. SIMPLY BRILLIANT Jo!!!! Then again....Your cards always are!!! Lovely balloons doll....can't believe the detail on these! These cards are perfect for any occasion, trip, moving, birthday, just a quick pick me up...
    Beautiful colours and magpie glitz!!! I love that new term of yours "magpie glitz"....i can totally relate to it when making my swarovski jewellery or when i add a touch of glitter to my ceramic snowmen or santa creations!!!
    Love you all xoxo


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