Wednesday 7 April 2010

All the fun of the Fair...

And boy was it fun!

Last Saturday, you know the one between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?? Well, we - as in Sheila, Chris and me, decided that we were going to promote Stampin' Up at the Carcroft Easter Fair. We wanted to make people aware that we had monthly classes and to introduce the poor oblivious folks to the joys that rubber beholds!

It didn't all go to plan really.. Sheila was going to do some demo's, and I was going to do some make and takes. Well, the lovely folks were having so much fun that we didn't really get that much done.. lol. I did a few Make and Takes with some adorable kiddies and a few adults who asked about the classes, but the bookmarks we made were much more appealing. After all, what is more important? Winning Easter Eggs at the Easter Bonnet parade, or stamping? Well, I know what floats my boat, but that's not the same for everyone.. well, apart from Sheila and Chris.. lol.

Here is our stall as it stood just before we started..


The blue stand at the back of the two tables held all our samples and the small table on the right was Sheila's demo table. The big table at the front bottom of the picture was for the two make and takes.

We had great fun, Sheila's grandson Ty was a little star and helped to eat a bag full of chocolate ricicle cakes lol. Thanks Ty.. you're a little gem!!

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