Sunday 18 April 2010

Sunny, sunny sunshine..

Hasn't it been a wonderful weekend again?! I'm getting a bit used to this lovely, sunny weather. It's nice and warm, but not too warm for me - but just in case it was, I've bought myself a sunhat. lol.

And take a guess to where I've been?


Do you recognise it? It's the Leas in Folkestone - again.. lol.Doesn't the weather look nice. There was a gentle breeze coming in from the sea and in points it was rather chilly, but a nice three mile stroll along the Leas all the less. We also looked at property again, and did you know that these little apartments you can see along the back of the grass are VERY expensive?!

Looking at property in Sandgate again, the prices per month for a rental, vary from around £600 to £1895 per month?! Blimey!!


I just had to take a photo of this chappy sat on the grass. Maybe enjoying the sun??

Paul noticed his hair first, but what a masterpiece! I bet that took alot of gel. Could this be my new look? Mmmm.. I'd have to think about that.

We also had time to nip along by the Dymchurch railway line.


Now, I first went on this little railway when we only had Leyton and Carley - many years ago now. I think they were only tiny, probably around 1993. The journey on the train takes you from Hythe to Dungeness. It is soooo peaceful over in Dungeness. In fact, I wouldn't mind one of the little cottages on the flat land there.


Everything was starting to bloom too. These little catkins looked really bright against the dullness of the trees, so I just needed to take a photo.

That's all for now - I'm really tired from all the running around we've done this weekend, but promise that I have some cards to upload for you tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening. See you all soon x

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