Tuesday 2 July 2019

Make mine a butterfly....

I think it's so funny really, that when I ask the family what they would like baking, I usually get asked for butterfly buns... and when I've made them, they disappear quicker than you can say 'bobs your uncle!'. 

This was a little batch I made a while ago... and actually, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been on my old blog as often as I would like to be honest. 

Not any reason really, other than work, time, college, dogs, and nowhere to craft, and nothing to show. My craft room has been taken over by a guinea pig, and the little shells have moved into there too. 

Quick catch up too, the shells - Edie, Jasper and Gypsey - have all been growing well, slow and sure, and greedy little Gypsey is the biggest, Jasper is the smallest. Still cute and starting to have a little more confidence now. At the moment, they are enjoying life with an abundance of different lovely tasting weeds and flowers galore. 

The guinea pig... well, he came from a college friend, and had got a few issues with his brother. They ended up fighting and needed to be seperated. He's a little cutie. Fat Freddie we call him... but it's not a definate name, as he's also been Albert....Piggy.... Spartan (he came with that!) but he is a greedy little thing. 

In addition to these little changes, we still have Truly, Holly and of course, our little Benson - who is not so little anymore! It's hard to believe that he is nearly a year old... he's so full of mischief, but he is adorable and so loving. A proper little cheeky chap, who definately sticks to the 7 second clumber rule!!!

anyway... that's my little catch up for tonight... I have a few things to share so will be back soon I'm sure. xxxx

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