Wednesday 10 February 2016

Basket Tutorial...

Hello there!

Tonight, a while after being requested, I am sharing (finally!!!) the tutorial for making the little basket I made with the Tonic Kensington handbag die. This is the box that I was asked about.

It is very simple to recreate, and is just the Handbag die used upside down, and fastened up at the top, which becomes the base. Here's how... 

Firstly, take your elements from your die set - you will need the bag base, the side panels and the verso edge from the decorative lace panel (the outer edge). Cut out the sections below from Kraft cardstock. 

Next, you need to connect the pieces together. So, starting by putting tape on your side panels, or you can use wet glue (more ideal, but a little time needed for it to dry completely) along the tabs at the side. You can see the tape over at the right hand side of the picture.

Be careful you crease the side panel only at the outer edge tab and across the base.

Fasten your box together on the last side, ensuring that all edges are running evenly.

Fold all the flaps at the top and bottom in. To create the base and lid of your basket, you will need to cut some extra pieces of cards to a rectangular shape as shown.

The measurements for these are piece at 13cm x 7.25cm, and one piece to 6.25cm x 12cm.
Score these two pieces at 1cm all the way around.

The last piece you will need to cut as shown is for the top embossed lid. Cut this layer to 10.5cm x 4.75cm.

In the scored sections, you will need to cut little snips into the corners as shown.

Use your glue, or a little red tape to stick the little snipped areas under the lid to create neat corners.

These are your two completed lids. Put them to one side for a few minutes until you complete the rest of your box. 

Use the verso edge from outside of the lace panel in your set to cut out two pieces of kraft card.

Once cut, choose an embossing folder and run each piece through your machine to emboss the design. Make sure the pieces go in the same way each time to keep the pattern uniform. You will also emboss the piece of cardstock you cut earlier for your lid top.  

Colour around the design using your Distress Inks, or chalks to get the effect you want. Repeat this on all three sections.

Stick the embossed panels onto the sides of the basket using wet glue. Take the lid section made to fit the smaller end of the box (which would have been the top of the Kensington Handbag). This will be glued onto the bottom of the basket to seal and finish it. It is now the base of the basket. 

**I hope that makes sense - basically, you are creating and fastening the Handbag upside down!**

Once the smaller end is securely fastened, you can attach the embossed panel to the lid of the basket, fold in the flaps and place your lid over the top. This way, you can fill the basket with your goodies and it will be sealed perfectly.

This is how your basket - (aka upside down bag) is going to look, now it's completely up to you if you want to attach a handle, and decorate up as you wish.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to leave me a message over on Facebook, or by emailing me, or leaving a comment. 

Until next time! xxxx


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