Tuesday 31 March 2015

Just a quick hello.....

I thought I would just spend a minute updating my little bloglet, seeing as the computer is whirring away updating and doing it's thing.....

I hope you have all had a very relaxing weekend, I know I have here... although finishing off the bits for the kitchen and buying a new kettle and toaster was a little more taxing than what I thought it would be!!

However, we are more or less done in the kitchen now, just a little decorating and touching up on the paintwork to be done and that's it... we can move on to another room. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey so they say!

I hope your weekend was all you thought it would be.... tell me all about it, I'd love to hear what you was upto!

Until then... Happy Crafting!


  1. Hey Jo, glad to hear your renovations are almost done! You are having a busy time, what with Jodie being off as well! Just wanted to thank you for the tip on making using the Funky Glue easier to use (Glasow SECC). Worked a treat!

  2. Good to know kitchen finished and onto another room! Take care:-) xxx


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