Wednesday 25 June 2014

Elongated box from Tonic

Helloooooo eveyone... how are you all???

Today, I'm back with a little photo tutorial for you, as I have been asked quite a few times how to do this since Jodie showed my box on Create and Craft. It was this one here... 

It's quite difficult to try to explain how to cut the die on a message, so thought I would get out the camera on my phone and take a few snaps for you. Sorry about the quality of the pics, but I hope you find them useful. 

Firstly, lay your die onto your A4 cardstock, towards the bottom. Now, you can use it as it is obviously, and you will get two boxes from one A4 piece of card... but we are cutting just the one. 

Put your cutting plate over the die, but leave the top edge out of the layer. You do not want to cut this area just yet, you are just aiming to cut the main part of the box and the sides. 

Put the die through your machine, pushing the top plate through first to make it easier... It will only apply pressure to the area where the top plate is. 

You can see on this photograph below what parts are cut. 

Move the die up a little on the cardstock so that the sides line up perfectly with the precut sections. You need to remember to leave a little overlap on the base so you don't recut this section. 

Line up your top plate again, leaving out the bottom edge.

Run this through the machine again in the same way as before to finish the cut of the box. 

Fold up your box, stick together and you can see you have a lovely 6 inch box.. (use cardstock rather than paper as I have done!)

I hope that helps you all a little to get a bit more from your box die. It's a beautiful design as you can see in the top photograph, and decorated with the panels makes a perfect little gift to give someone. 

Back soon... happy Crafting.. until next time!!!


  1. Great Jo thanks for sharing xx Jan

  2. Now that's clever :-) will try that when my dies arrive :-D x

  3. who's a clever thing then !

  4. Thank you for sharing. I will try when mines arrives xx


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