Wednesday 19 February 2014

Here's lookin' at you, Kid.....

LOL..... the post just had to be called that didn't it?! 

How've we all been? Things here at Austin Towers has been a bit bonkers. The craft room has now more or less moved into another room (albeit, there's another box of  stuff to squeeze in somewhere!) and the other room has started to get dissected! The wall has come down, making it a through kitchen/diner and things are slowly getting put where they need to be. It all takes time, and the last few days I haven't had the willpower to get it finished. All in good time. 

I have had a bit of fun making a few little crochet bits though. And here's my latest little addition. I keep joking with the hubby that it's another toy for Holly's toy box.. and it may well be! That's another thing - to stop the wooflet from pinching shoes from the rack to carry and greet you, we are getting her a little toy box of her own.. so little owlet may go in there... or he may go in my craft room. We'll see! 

So. Here's Owlet. He hasn't really got a name. All ideas welcome!! We do have various things that have names. Truly has her little Tickleberry (a stuffed tick toy!) and she's also had Giraffity (guess what that was?!) and Fleabea... (yep. You guessed that too!) So... owlet? What do you think?!

Isn't he just the cutest little guy? Here are a few close ups of his details.. BIG orange eyes.. some toy eyes that I found in a little bag on my shelves. Thought they looked just the job, so plopped 'em on.

And his feeties.... oh I sooooo loved making his feeties!!! They looked so cute!

And of course he had to have a little friend.. and this was the one I did first - the little Bunjy Bunny. I'm not too happy with how this one turned out, so I may try this pattern again. But my post-it notes have gone into over drive, sticking into pages of books and magasines that I want to get doing next! 

I think my Bunjy also needs more details on her face, so this is going to have to be on my next attempt me thinks. For now, she will suffice.... as a toy in a wooflet toy box, she'll be fine and dandy!

Well... I hope you all enjoyed today's little 'different' type of post... I have certainly enjoyed having a bit of time out from the papercraft to dabble in other things.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Oh Jo you are so multi talented, thought you couldn't crochet? Fab fa :-) xx

  2. Always good to take a breathe of fresh air when the wind changes... Fab ickle project, love Owlet :-) x


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