Tuesday 14 January 2014

Happy 2014!!


My very first new Years Resolution hasn't got off to a brilliant start, but I can't do everything all at once can I?

As you may guess my resolution was to start my blogging again and at least get it more regular than I had at the end of last year. I did want to blog more and I had lots to show you all in December, but had a slight mishap with the end of my finger and a pair of scissors.... which resulted in me spending four hours in accident and emergency to try to get it to stop bleeding! It also resulted in me not being able to type as it was painful on the end of my finger!

However. This year, I just simply haven't had the time to update my blog and get going.. but I've just rejoined the 365/30 lists page on Facebook and I'm getting ready to get going.

I love blogging - have done it for years, and I find it quite therapeutic to shove on my thoughts and just have a general chat about most things. I've sort of changed how I blog over the last few years after a few ups and downs, but I'm wanting to get back to how I used to do it, enjoy it like I used to and blog more (like I used to).

I hope you come along with me on my journey of craft, chat and other things in 2014 and I promise to be back on later to upload a few projects that I've been making for my demonstrations over the past few weeks.

Until then...Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

  1. I love everything you do jo. I myself have joined in the group of bloggers, but I'm just starting with this venture hope we both do well in our blogs xx


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