Tuesday 30 April 2013

You can't unscramble eggs...

I'm not really sure where I saw this... and I thought to myself, you know, how true is that!

What I mean is, if you do something wrong, or not to the result you wanted, you can't undo what's done, but you can carry on going forward and try again. Hoping to get it better next time.

This is how I look at my crafting. It's not always perfect.. in fact, to me, it's never perfect, but people seem to like what I do. I often wonder why, but I think like so many crafters out there, I'm never happy with what I make. I have this conversation regularly with other crafters. Now, whether it's just a case of a low self esteem, low confidence, or just genuine good old self doubt, it never ceases to amaze me how many people don't like what they produce.. and that they all feel like I do!

What I have found however, is that driving all over doing demo's can be quite therapeutic. Usually on my travels I listen to Radio 2, quite a few of my favourites on there, but after a while I do just want to sit in the peace and quiet. My drive over to Stockport the other week was no exception.

Nipping up and over the Peaks, I came across this beautiful view... well, I couldn't help but stop and take a quick snap of the scenery. I had set off early to ensure I got to my demo on time, so spending about five minutes looking at this was nice.  Doesn't it look beautiful?

I've also been busy making a few extra samples for the craft area at Ackworth Garden Centre. I do my Docrafts demo's there, but to help out, have made a few samples for other bits that aren't selling too well.... and how can these not sell? I lubs wellyfants and these little couple are no exception.

I've coloured the stamped images with pens and then used the fantastic Boofle papers and Papermania ribbons to finish off. I just love the simplicity of this card.... it was hard to let it go!

Here are a few more samples from this range too... quick details underneath to what I used.

This little guy uses the stamp which I have coloured with pencils, and I thought it would be perfect to team up with Wellington papers... they are so generic for male cards, I felt that they worked perfectly.

A little decoupage card here... simple embossed background on this card and a lovely lime green base to the layers.

Finally... LOVE this little guy... I reckon this little card could rekindle my love of decoupage.. I've kept the background really simple and used the fantastic Capsule spots and stripes collection in pastels (Docrafts).

Hope you like this little selection... more coming soon!


  1. I just love your layouts on these, great dont't doubt yourself that's my job as my husband says what I do is great, but I am never that sure. I feel I could do better, perhaps it's because we know where the errors are in each piece, the smudge of glue, the tair covered with a button etc. Anyway enough babble these are brilliant.
    Kate - craftevan.blogspot

  2. Aww Jo...we are our own worst critic aren't we???? I am the same with my ceramics, beading or whatever other craft I try to do! We see the booboos that we made ,cover them up and which no one else will see! We really must stop being so anal on ourselves! I Love your wellyfant cards!!!! They're beautiful as always!!! Hope Scoobs feels better soon!!!! how did he hurt his leg? Love n hugz Lesley xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Jo I love all your demos and adore the samples above. You may be right about the lack of confidence and lots of self doubt, I think most of us suffer that. We are just too critical of ourselves. Where we see what went wrong with a project, others see just the final article. Not easy to stop though even if they are delighted with the outcome.
    Lots of love n hugs to you and the furbabies
    Lynn xxxxxx


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