Thursday 13 December 2012

Pretty in pink....

Morning all!

I hope you're all staying nice, warm and snuggly in your houses - I know it's not thawed out for the past few days here, and it's freezin'!!!

Only a couple more weeks until Christmas, and are you ready? I am... sort of.... presents bought, wrapped and waiting, and a few of the food bits got too. I've failed miserably with making my own cards again to send, but cards have been sent (they just weren't made by me.. lol). But that's nothing new really... next year I will make my own... !

Today I thought I'd share a non-christmassy card with you. This is from the Just to Say range of small decoupage from Docrafts - and they're fab!!! I love all the designs in this range, the stamps too! We don't have papers that go with the set, but they are such lovely images you can see they go with any you may already have in your stash - this was the Forever Friends New Additions. 

So here's how I made it. 

  • Perfect pink - in the image, there are some pink flowers, so I decided to use a pink base card to accent these areas a little more. 
  • Keep it simple - the image was a beautiful decoupage, so I kept the layers really simple. I combined layer colours and used white, pink and blues. It helps to bring things together. I also cut the borders slightly different widths for variation.

  •  Embellish it - With this card, my little addition was a couple of die cut corners and a few gems. I put them in opposite corners to each other. I think it helps keep the focus on the image, and just adds a small bit of elegance. 

Now.... as you know (or should lol) it's been a tad frosty this past couple of days or so... so yesterday, I decided to go into the garden and grab a few photos of the frost on my little plants.

These were on my holly bush, which has bloomed this past year. It's a variegated holly, but at the moment looks white!!

And something a little more focused. I love how the crystals form on the leaves... my +4 filter came in handy after all! lol.

Righty... that's me done for today. I hope you like todays project... keep a look out for the Just to Say range in your local Docrafts stockist... they are simply stunning.

Until next time - happy Crafting!!


  1. love the colour combo Jo, this card is so pretty. Hugs x

  2. The card is beautifully crafted Jo love it xxx.... That photo is super awesome love it xxx

  3. Superb photography and beautiful card, Jo x

  4. Stunning card and even more stunning are your holly pics! whats a +4 filter?
    Love them!
    xxx love n hugz to all the fam, Lesley

  5. This is so beautiful, those flowers look perfect


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