Thursday 23 February 2012

My scooby doo...

I wanted to share this photo with you before I forget... here's my big boy, Scooby..


Isn't he beautiful... awwww... my gorgeous boy... He's looking more handsome every month, and I love him even more when he's got his silly expressions and raggy ears.. He loves his photo taken, so even though I was trying to get photos of the thush's below, he just kept woofing and whining until I took his picture.. such a poser!


I had put out some fruit and suet for the birds when the snow arrived the other week, and these two thrush decided to take charge of the garden and chased off every other bird that came to eat. They are quite territorial, but they are also so beautiful. I feel quite priveledged to have had two in my garden at once.


The photos aren't great as they were taken from inside the house.. they're quite shy birds and didn't come to feed if I stood outside.. still, I think they're quite good pictures, so I'm more than happy with them.

More tomorrow ... until then, Happy Crafting!


  1. They're fab pics Jo, Scooby looks a real bundle of fun and the bird shots are fantastic !
    Suzee xx

  2. Wow these are great photos, your scooby is adorable xx


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