Sunday 21 August 2011

What a lovely weekend!

It really has been a peaceful weekend here, the weather has been nice too which makes a change! I've had a very chilled out couple of days, and today was out in the garden fighting back the weeds with the help of my hubby and his sturdy strimmer!

The dogs loved their newly cut garden too.. as did I... and I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the ones I could catch (Truly.. you really must learn to sit still more! lol)

So.. here's my photos for today.. sorry, no cards, as I have a card-free couple of days when I can. Although this week, it seems that most of my time has been card free! Still.... as a photographer, I love taking my photos.. so that's an added bonus.


Here's my boy... destroying his toys as usual.. lol. Such a beautiful boy, and more so now his coat has been clipped. You can definately see his beautiful spots more.


Awww... and my beautiful girl. It makes a change for her to sit and happily have her photo taken, so this is a joy for me. Such a beauty.

So. That's all I've been up to this weekend really. It's my last weekend off for quite a few weeks, as I have plenty of demo's to keep me going right up to the middle / end of October.. and I'm also booked to go back down to Bath to do some more Creativity TV episodes, and I have magasine work too.. so all is good, and I'm looking forward to a very busy couple of months!

Check back soon - I'll upload a few cards this week, but if there is anything you're wanting to see (tutorials or ideas), then please let me know.

Until then. xxxx


  1. Aww what fabulous piccies of your dogs - just gorgeous. Looks like you had a rather chilled out weekend. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Awww they are both gorgeous.... and your right your girl is beautiful, such a cute happy face xx

  3. aaaaaaaw i bet these tinkers keep you on your toes, chick xx
    Thanks for sharing them with me x


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