Thursday 6 January 2011

Happy New Year...

And all the best for 2011.. 

Well, it seems that the laptop has finally sorted itself out and I can post onto Blogger as usual. Thank you Lynda for commenting for me. I was starting to think that Windows 7 and my blog just didn't work right together and everytime I tried to put a post up it took ages! My enter key wouldn't move things down and everything was all over. **update as I'm typing - - it's stopped again!!**

But it seems okay today.... so I'll see if I can put a post up later. Now, that'll make a change won't it?

I've got a few things to get on with today.. I need to finish my magasine commissions so they can get posted later today, as they need to be there tomorrow.. then I have samples to finish for my demo in Derby on Saturday. I then have my next craft class on Tuesday evening.

I also have some exciting things coming up in the few weeks, but I'm not sharing for now.. we'll just have to see how we go with that one.

Right.. must make a move. See you all again soon xx

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your cover!!!! Love n misses u sis!!!! Chat soon i hope? Whens the best time to catch you? We're finally getting over the worst of the viral infection/flu/whatever it was...mind you i don't mind losin 10lbs for lack of appetite if i can keep it off! not! lol
    Love you loads Betty
    xoxo Wilma


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