Thursday 21 October 2010

Just a little box or two ..

Hello everyone..

Sorry for the delay in posting another project for you all, but this week has just been so bad for time..

On Monday, I was catching up on things from Sunday after I attended a Training Event held for us Stampin' Uppers. And what fun it was too! I travelled down with my friend, Sharon, at around seven o'clock to be there for nine.

I needed to be there early as I was demoing for Monica and Bekka.The lovely Linzi was there too demoing.. and I have some photos of her fantastic punchy projects to show another day - they are seriously not to be missed!!

I was showing the new corner and border punches. I honestly wasn't too sure about them to begin with, but after using them for a wide array of projects, I am totally in love!!! There is a knack to using them, but once you've cracked it.. you've got it!

here's a little something I made to show.


The box was a basic little pizza styleee box, but I put a top and bottom on it and decorated it up a little. You can see the border and corner punch on it in this little photo below. I love the little Pizza Boxes, they are so adaptable with the size and dimensions. And also so easy to make. 


And here is another little box too.


I made this one more like a little book style box. Again, you can clearly see how brilliant the scallop punch is with corner.

So, after Monday came Tuesday and I had a corker of a migraine.. I had an appointment in the morning and didn't feel very well at all, so had to cancel my meeting with Sharon at Costa Coffee (tragic as we love our Costa!) and I had to try and make my way home, being sick and not feeling at all well. I collapsed into bed at around 11 o'clock in the morning, and didn't get back up until three. I hate having migraines.. they seem to be getting worse each time. So if anyone has any hints and tips, feel free to leave a comment!!

As you can see, Tuesday came and went and Wednesday wasn't much better either. I always end up quite cotton-woolish in my head and can't quite focus on things, concentration is lax and my brain just doesn't work.. (no change there then! lol). So today, I was relieved when I woke up at 5am feeling a little more 'normal', as I have loads of things to catch up on.

I am off to another coffee shop today (and I really don't drink coffee that often!) to meet up with my downline Sarah.. It's so exciting! She has a craft fair on Sunday to promote her business  and get herself known.. so all the best of luck Sarah, and me and my tablecloth will be with you around 10am!

Right. It's now 9.15am, and I really ought to go and get sorted out.

I'll be back with more projects later for you. Happy Crafting everyone!

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