Monday 2 August 2010

A rose is a rose

... especially if it's yellow.

That was my gran's favourite colour rose, well.. actually it was a pinky yellow rose called Peace.

This stamp set from Stampin Up is so beautiful, I thought it was time that I broke it out of it's packaging and made a card with it. And there was no better reason to do it than to make an anniversary card for Carley's in-laws, whose anniversary it is today.

Here's the card -


I created the background using the smaller roses that were in the set and then placed a piece of Stampin' Up vellum over the top to soften the colours. The rose was stamped, glittered, then cut out and layered up onto the topper.

I reckon it looks quite good.. but I'll be back tomorrow with a different card I made. I like to do a couple, that way Carley can pick the one she wants.

Today, I want to leave you with this photo of Truly {aka Little Toots and the Ginger Whinger!}. I took it months ago and forgot all about it until I was clearing out my phone images! I hope you like it.Isn't she just adorable!? {although looks can be very decieving!}


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