Friday 24 July 2009

Sneaky Peek...

Oh what an exciting week I've had so far!

Martina is off school for her holidays at the moment, and it's lovely to have her at home again. I love school holidays.. always have done - it's the best time of year. Carley has also been off work this last week, so it's been a full house all round. That's what I love most - having my family around. It's great!

When I used to work at the chippy many moons ago, Jimmy, the owner, used to think I was bonkers because I loved the children being at home. In fact, on my occasional visit to see them all, he always says 'you always loved the holidays didn't you?' just as a mum or dad was bawling at their child somewhere in the background.

After all, that's what being a mum is all about isn't it? Time with family. Fun. Laughter. Stroppy teenagers. It's great! And I wouldn't swap it for the world!!

Anyway.. work. I've had a busy week so far with samples for my demo tomorrow over in Brigg Garden Centre. I just needed to tidy a few up really, not make any new ones, although I may run a quickie one up today if I get chance.. but what I've been working on is sooooo fantastic!!

A new board is soon to be released by Diamond Card Craft and I am sooo pleased with Phyll as she trusted me enough to help with some of the feedback etc. Well. I got my board yesterday, and it is absolutely fabulous! I love love love it!!!!

I'm not telling you anything about it as it's top secret.. but you're just going to need it when it comes out!

Here's part of a card I made yesterday.

Obviously, I can't show you all of it just yet as it's one of the designs that will hopefully be in the packaging. The stamp is from Stampin Up.

 Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the new board over at Diamond Card Craft and I'm sure news of its release will be on there. It's a very unique board.. it's so exciting!!!!!

Well, that's all for now. See ya later x

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