Tuesday 26 May 2009

Is it morning already??

I'm sure there's someone up there taking the hours away, you know!

We've had a lovely weekend here in Doncaster. The weather has been fantastic (even though I'm not a sun worshipper!) and we've managed to get lots of things done in the garden. There's only one bad thing I've found this weekend - FLIES!!! I HATE flies with a vengeance, and I'm sure they're all congregating in my house!!!!

It was just starting to look like a bit of a wilderness out there, and I'm sure when the furballs went out they thought they may never return.... it probably explains why they're insistent on cuddles before they venture out, and why Scooby doesn't like to go in the garden by himself! Mmmm.

Anyway, the grass is now cut down, some of the weeds have been pulled and the patio has been tidied.. and best of all? I managed to clear some clutter from my craft studio! Yep.. I can officially get back into it now - there's room for my chair!

It was starting to look like - well, I don't know what! - and I had to fight my way into it whenever I wanted to look for something.. and the overspill? That went in my sitting room in two more drawer cabinets. LOL. I desperately needed to get into the studio and give it a good turf out. I got the middle dumping ground done completely, and a couple of shelves, now all I need to get done are the worksurface and the back storage area.. *sigh*

I'm just hoping that the weather is right for next weekend too, sunny.. hot....we could get the garden finished at this rate!

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  1. Sound like a busy weekend Jo, we had lovely weather to but I wasn't anywhere near so industrious. Thanks for your comments on my blog. You asked about my colouring, I just watercolour with a mixture of whispers and marvy brush markers with a little water colour pencil thrown in. I work on Canson card which I buy as an A1 size sheet from Hobbycraft. I'm thinking of treating myself to some copics but haven't got round to it yet.


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