Wednesday 8 October 2008

Feeling old...

Doesn't time just fly?? **Emma.. if you're reading this, treasure every single second**

I have decided against my better judgement (LOL) to upload some photos of my family. I don't often do this, as they deserve their privacy, but I couldn't resist these ones. Why? Well, because my daughter turned 18 last Saturday! It doesn't seem two minutes since she was born, but I'm sure that everyone says that!

To celebrate her birthday, she went out with friends - a few days on the trot! A friend of hers is leaving to go into the RAF next week, so some of it was a farewell too.

Here are the pics.

Blimey 'eck... I feel even older now! This lovely photo is of my son, Leyton, who is 20 in April.. (**faint**) and his 'ickle sister Carley, who's 18. Believe it or not, she does actually have legs - those that know her, know it is generally unheard of for her to not be wearing jeans.. but she melted my heart in this lovely dress. What a stunner.

Leyton also looks pretty dapper. In fact, he is usually in jeans too.. but was wearing some really lovely trousers and this great shirt.. Swoon.. I'm so proud of my children!

Ahhh this photo is sweet too.. This is Carley and her boyfriend Nick. He's a lovely lad and they are so alike in their nature - I think I may have to buy a hat!haha

Now then.. this little charmer is my daughter Martina. She's 12 with attitude!!! Sure you know what I mean !! She had been baking a little earlier and was just having a tea break when I pointed the camera at her to take a piccie - screwed up nose and funny face prevailed.. I love this piccie.. so funny!

Back later..

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  1. Awww Jo, theyre all grown up, Carley looks gorgeous, shes so like Granma Torr when she was young its uncanny. Leyton has man-hair, doesnt seem that long he was a toddler and Martina??? Well that one just made me laugh lol. Looks just like her Mummy at that age hehe, wuv youuuuuu xxx


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