Tuesday 12 August 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the compassion of the Armed Forces
I am ex forces - I served 9 years. My bro and sis are still serving (between them its nigh on 39 years). My husband served 22 years in the British Army.Mum and Dad are ex forces which totals up to almost 82 years.Plus my grandfathers are ex-forces too.

I have a little plea to anyone who cares to help sign a petition to help keep the Royal Military Hospital at Haslar open.

There is only ONE MAJOR forces hospital open in the whole of the UK. That means if any of our servicemen in Afghanistan or Iraq return to the UK with an injury, they have to go into a NHS Hospital. Somewhere alien to their needs and no camaraderie. And this is the message I got from my mum today. She was once treated in this hospital when she was a WREN.


RMH Haslar is set to close, but is still operational and could be made into a great home for our injured service personnel. Some background: '2 Para' alone have on their current tour sent back over 50 casualties to the UK, and even that many cannot be accommodated at Selly Oak Hospital.

So when all of the casualties from other battle groups are added to this figure, how is ONE ward in ONE NHS hospital going to cope? It cannot. And as a result the individual troops are sent home to recover relying on NHS visiting services which themselves are over committed. We need a dedicated military hospital if servicemen and servicewomen, who have been committed to hostilities and injured, are to get the medical care they rightly deserve.

A lot more than 5000 names are needed for this petition to survive, and quite cynically, Downing Street has put a time limit of one month - during the summer holidays - for this to be achieved.

Please support it - please copy the link below to confirm your signature on the petition. Please forward this email to as many people as you can.
Thanks. Go to - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Wounded/ it takes 1 minute to fill the form

The petition was created by Denzil Connick and reads: 'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Create a dedicated Military & Veterans Hospital within the UK.'If you sign it, could you let me know in the comments box here please? That way I can come and thank you on behalf of my ex-comrades and friends and thousands of other soldiers who will be relieved that you did.
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