Tuesday 7 July 2015

Handbags.... gladrags.... and fairies!

If I say so myself, this is a perfect little combination. I do love bags. Not too sure about the Gladrags - give me something oversized, frumpy and comfy! As for faires... who doesn't love fairies?? Not too sure about the real life looking ones, but cute looking ones are good for me. 

Large, oversized and comfy sort of describes my attire for the last few days - blimey it's been a little hot, hot, hot hasn't it?! So.. out with the crop trousers, floppy tops and maxi dresses. And what happens?? The rain arrives. But, I will remain positive and I know that the sun will come back at the weekend. lol. 

Anyway.. that's what tonight's post is all about. I have a little Chelsea handbag to show you from the Craftinator for this month, and also a little card that uses the handbag elements in a slightly different way. 

As you can see, the handbag was made from navy blue card, and it takes just TWO cuts to make the bag - fantastic or what?? They join at the base and then the pieces just fold up together. This means you can batch make the bases and just decorate as you need them.

I chose to do mine with a glitter card. It does shine blue, black and silver, although you can't quite see all the colours within the card which is a shame.

The lacework that comes with the bag will create a lacy section to fit in or on the bag fronts, flaps and sides. However, I chose the outside edge to cut the glitter card and then just decorated the flap up with the little fasteners you get (this was the silver bit) and I used a cameo from my stash, from Hobbycraft I think, and a small bow.

But... if you choose to use the various lacy elements of the bag on their own, on your cards, you can create something like the card below.....

The little triangular sections at the side of the topper were from the Chelsea bag, and these lace sections fit onto the top flap. That's if you chose to do that....

I also used the wordings from the collection to add my sentiment. And can you see the lipstick? That was one of the Rococo dies... it makes an awesome border!

I used the star layering dies to cut the stars to add some sparkle to the background. You don't have to add these, but I just liked it. Once I had stamped and coloured my fairy, I also added some of our fantastic glitters to add a little sparkle.

I am going to have to go and get some sleep now... the Craftinator is back on over the next few days and I am doing tomorrows shows... our lovely Jodie will be back on Wednesday xx

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