Tuesday 14 July 2015


Today we are going to be talking about 


Now, these aren't just any old sugary-coated doughnuts... these are our lush, glitzy, shiny, 
glossy Nuvo Drop mistakes

Can you see the problem with the ones in the picture above? 

The two larger ones at the top left are the correct pearl drops you are wanting to make, but sometimes you will get drops like the smaller dimpled, doughnuts that I have made underneath. 

So... why does this happen?

Firstly, there are a few types of pearl drops on the market, and they all work in different ways. Some of them don't make a dome, some of them aren't glossy, some of them you just hope for the best! 

The ones I am not going to name, are beautiful colours, but don't raise to make a rounded pearl, and you create your drop by putting the point on the cardstock and press..... they don't have the ability to create a rounded pearl that is self levelling like the Tonic Nuvo drops, hence you would use them in different ways to ours. 

The Tonic Nuvo drops are self levelling, and if you try to use them in the same way as other brands, it isn't going to work. You will get doughnuts!

To avoid this, use the nozzle of the dropper OFF the cardstock, lifting it away so it isn't contacting your card at all, and press gently to create the size pearl you require. 

DO NOT press the nozzle back into the pearl as this will push out your shape and as it dries creates the doughnuts that you can see above. However, when you are creating very small dots around the edges of a frame etc, you quite often want to do it very quickly... tiny doughnuts do not show up as much as larger ones, so use your own discretion to the effect you are happy to achieve. 

I hope this helps. xx


  1. Just tried using my No on sheet of scrap paper. Have left to dry so fingers crossed Jo. They looked fine when I did them and so easy xx

  2. Some of my bottles won't work properly. I've tried cleaning the nozzles, poking a pin and a paper clip through the nozzle. The drop comes out but won't dome.

    1. I have the same problem. For the life of me I can't get a dome. All mine look like Hershey Kisses!!


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