Friday 3 July 2015

Feeling Twitty...

Good evening you lovely people... how are we all? 

Feeling Twitty... what a title, eh? Well, I am in fact feeling a little like that tonight. It's not been the best of weeks really with one thing or another if I'm honest. 

The eldest daughter was out in Tunisia when the terrorist attack happened, but thankfully, three days into her well deserved and looked forward to holiday, she was flown back on an emergency flight home with her two friends. She was mighty annoyed, but as a mummy, I was so relieved. 

I can't tell you what I felt when I heard the news, and I thought, 'oh she's not going to be near there...'. Only to realise that she was in fact not that far away. It was about an inch on Google maps!!!! My heart sank, and I was relieved to get a text from her saying that the three of them were fine. 

Next on the list was the Son... he's away with work for a couple of days. I know it's not too major really, but I worry about all of the children when they aren't near to me.... I have got used to the fact that DD1 is away at Uni in Lincoln, and Son lives a short way away, and DD2 lives at home.. but I like them all near. 

Last but not least was DD2. I was making my way to Tonic HQ on Tuesday, when she was admitted into hospital with a bad kidney infection... of all the timings, hers is usually the best! She hadn't been well all weekend really, but Tuesday was the day they took her in. She is out today, armed with the large clear bag of antibiotics etc... so hopefully things will improve. 

My two days at Tonic HQ were lovely. We stayed at a lovely little Guest House called Ballas Farm, near Stormy Down, and it was sooo pretty. It was in a fantastic  middle-of-nowhere location, even though it was close to where I needed to be, and it was clean, comfortable and the hospitality was amazing. So, Tonic HQ beckoned....  Seeing so many of the lovely folks there, helping doing the packing of the dies from the Pick of the Day - did I pack yours I wonder? There were a few names I recognised.. lol. And tea lady. I make a perfect Tea Lady - in fact, I may just open myself a tea rooms when I retire.. lol. Lots of laughs, hugs, and catch ups were had, as well as looking at new items, pretty things, and playing with lots and lots of ........ well, you will have to wait and see!

Anyways... onto tonights post, and I thought I would share my little Twitter-Woo with you. She is such a little stunner. I was making the card that's at the bottom of the post and both myself and the hubby looked at it and thought 'that looks like an owl!'. So, my little Woo was born. Here she is in all her pretty glory.... 

I used the handbag Rococo die that came in with the Girls Night Out collection by Tonic to cut out the base card, and then stuck it straight onto a piece of kraft coloured cardstock which had been creased along the top. I trimmed around the outside edge of the card to create the base. I then repeat cut the die a few times to trim out the wings and the face. See the little ears? Well, they are the parts that are the residue from the eye section of the die. Can you see it?

All the cut out pieces were mounted onto kraft cardstock and then finished off by trimming round, colouring where I needed some colour and adding a white gel pen detail to bring some of it to life. The beak was cut from a scrap of orange cardstock and stuck underneath the face section.

Now, can you see where the idea of the owl came from with the little bag card below?? I used the Celtic dies to create a base for the bag to sit onto towards the top of the ard and the greeting was cut and placed at the bottom.

The wine glasses come as part of the word die, but I cut it again from a cream pearlescent cardstock and stuck it over the brown. I added some glitter to the top of the glass to add some 'wine' and a little bit of sparkle, then layered the wording onto green cardstock which matched the layers. 

Here's a little close up of the bag itself, and you can see I added a brad to act as the clasp of the bag and finished it off with a little drop shadow detail, a glossy brad, and little blob or two of the nuvo drops in Gold. 

I hope you have enjoyed tonights little projects for you. Two cards, completely different, but using the same die set in a different way.

I'm sure you've all started to recieve yours too, so pop by and share a link in the comments. It would be lovely to see what you've been upto making.. xx

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